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I was a fine pilot, but my career never soared like many others and I didn’t understand why. I floundered too long in every way.

By pure luck I eventually found myself in a great job, but found my efforts to bring forth new ideas, and try new positions never getting off the ground.

Buddy Burke flying ultralight

At my own wedding, when I got up to speak I crashed and burned, so I decided it was time to learn to speak. I enrolled in speaking classes, dived into Toastmasters, and, after several plateaus, had major breakthroughs.

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Some wonderful people helped me, and I learned and created unique and powerful tactics. I suddenly was getting fabulous responses from every idea I pitched and every interview I attended!

I had an edge, but the cost in frustration and time to get there was huge.

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I’ve condensed what I’ve learned into seminars that have helped brilliant people around the world gain the edge they needed to get their ideas accepted by investors and business leaders.

These are the most overlooked valuable skills in the world, and will provide rocket fuel to your career, and give you more confidence in everything you do.

What will you get from working with Buddy?

You will learn how to create and present a pitch or keynote address quickly that will truly astonish your audience, with them embracing your ideas.

You will develop the confidence to address any group at any time, and be regarded as an expert in your field.

You will find yourself actually being asked to speak- and loving it while you get better and better.

Automatic Credibility! Wherever you speak, an any occasion, you’ll immediately enjoy high regard simply because you speak well!

About Buddy Burke

Buddy Burke is an entrepreneur, mentor and World Class public speaker and who flies ultralights (with his wonderful wife, Holly.) 

A former Air Force and international pilot, he's visited and has friends in multiple countries.

He realized at his own wedding that he was a gloriously horrible presenter... so he decided to continue

They Say

Victoria Howell O'Bresly

Director of Executive Programs, UC Berkeley

"Buddy Burke delights his customers and audience alike with the ability to engage, teach and help students, of all backgrounds, internalize best practices for speaking and pitching.

His sessions are a highlight of our global UCB tech-executive programs."

Raissa Guerra

Industrial Engineering
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil
CT Nano, Coordenadora de Operações

"Buddy teaches unique tactics about public speaking that will give you an incredible edge.

Best teacher ever!"