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I'm on a mission to provide you with the most valuable public speaking and pitching tools on the planet for entrepreneurs

Buddy Burke is an entrepreneur, mentor and a certified World Class Speaking Coach

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He realized at his own wedding that he was a gloriously horrible presenter…

Buddy and Holly Burke's wedding day

... so he decided to improve… really improve.

He accepted every challenge, took classes galore, and put himself into situations where he could only “speak” his way out .

Some wonderful people helped him, and he learned and created unique, game-changing devices.

Buddy taught public speaking for Apple, and is a frequent lecturer on the subject at numerous universities in the US, South America and Europe.

Buddy loves to help innovators craft their stories, and deliver them in super-engaging ways to the press, investors, and clients.

He found with great speaking skills everything else goes better. Interviews were successful and talks for his Rotary club suddenly had positive impact.

He was an Air Force and international pilot with Pan Am and American Airlines, and is married to the incredible Holly, so together they make “Buddy Holly.”

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Buddy Burke is a master in pitching and presentation, helping many to best present themselves in a varied setting with the perfect pitch, pause and pace."

Ir. Dr. Alfred Tan

Council Member, Hong Kong Baptist University,
Senior Lecturer, University of Hong Kong


Thanks to his guidance, we were able to refine an idea into a pitchable business concept within just a few days!"

Emilia Xue 薛艾美

Master Thesis Worker at Aalto University School of Science and Technology, Denmark


I can still very clearly recall Buddy’s class being one of the most engaging yet informative talks I have listened to."

Vaishnavi Yandapalli 

Media and Marketing Coordinator
Data Science of India
B.A. in Cognitive Science, UC Berkeley

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