Would you like to always be ready to make the most from a 15 second encounter?

Never have to say, "I blew my chance with that investor!”

Most people fumble, blow, or simply miss the point completely when they are given a moment at a convention, at a party, or even in an elevator!

You’ll have the ability to intrigue, not annoy; and to capture their attention and get a meeting every time -at supersonic speed!

How to Nail Your Elevator Pitch Right Now

You’ll finish with the weapons turn a happen stance encounter into moolah!

Online Course Coming soon!

For those unable to attend a seminar in person.

What you'll learn:

What’s the point?

What MUST you get?

Make it automatic

How I did it

Get into the conversation - fast

Dialog, not Diarrhea of the mouth

Like a squirrel, and fast

15 seconds is an eternity!

Buddy Burke with students


Buddy has been a valuable presentation mentor to my students - and an unforgettable source of inspiration and fun”

Yannis Charalabidis

Professor, Digital Governance
University of the Aegean


Buddy is an all-round entrepreneur and also an outstanding public speaking coach - he inspires and gives you confidence to believe in yourself and achieve your highest potential.

On top of that, Buddy is simply a wonderful person and a great friend."

Ana Lukner Roljic, MSc 

Founder/CEO Truhoma, Advisor @Eligma & Urban Catalyst, Founder @Ana's Little Star charity, Founding Member at Cryptonite
Ljubljana, Slovenia


Pitch, Pace and Pauses are the three Ps for an excellent talk and Buddy has shown us in practice how important they are with his brilliant ABC's game.

My life under the shower will never be the same again..."

Shiva Loccisano, PhD, RTTP,

IPMA certified PM Head of Technology Transfer, Politecnico di Torino; Member Board of Directors, Netval; Tutor, MIP Politecnico di Milano, Italy