Buddy Burke presenting seminar
Attention Event planners:

Would you like your team to be recognized immediately as the leaders in their field?

Professionals realize when you stand up and speak eloquently about your industry, you are perceived as a greater expert than one who has equal skills but can’t speak.

This advantage
 can be mastered quickly in my seminars.

Each group is left laughing, not realizing they’ve just become much better speakers!

Buddy Burke with group

The biggest blind spot in corporate leadership programs is in conveying ideas, yet it’s the most appreciated.

Do not neglect this most precious skill for your team.

Let them learn to keep people on the edges of their seats!


I learnt so much from just one session conducted by Buddy on delivering a pitch...

And I have to speak everyday to make my living as a doctor!! Listen to Buddy when he speaks, it will change your life!

Shantanu Patil

Orthopedic Physician-Scientist
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


Buddy’s workshop was like nothing I had ever seen before. The whole class was engaged on what what’s happening and we all sure learned way more than we could’ve wished.

Dalia Gloria García Peña 

Supporting Entrepreneurs, TrepCamp Executive, Mexico


I can still very clearly recall Buddy’s class being one of the most engaging yet informative talks I have listened to.

Vaishnavi Yandapalli 

Media and Marketing Coordinator
Data Science of India
B.A. in Cognitive Science, UC Berkeley


Training Seminars:

  • Soar WITH your audience!
  • Pitch for successful Nonprofit Funding!
  • World-Class Speaking Tools Will Triple Your Success with Investors
  • The Power of PPP in your speech!
  • Standout Pitching for Sophisticated Audiences
  • Light the afterburners in your presentations- how to give you audience g forces!


  • How I hacked Online Dating
  • Cuba Today- the Aftermath
  • Berlin Wall: True First Person Story
  • Bankers Should Be Pilots!
  • Cockpit Lessons: Don’t Sweat the Minuscule Stuff
  • Unconditional Love - the Miracle of Down Syndrome
  • 60+ the First Platinum Decade!
  • The Politically Correct Punching Bag
  • Speaking = Instant Expertise
  • Would you like powerful impact (the good kind) when you present?